Tips For Mastering Accounting

Accounting is a subject that differs from others  its chapters are often interlinked. Failure to master the early chapters would make learning subsequent chapters even more difficult. If you are struggling with accounting, its likely you have not mastered the foundation well. The best way is to relearn the basics from scratch from a qualified teacher.
4 Tips for Mastering Accounting
1. Understand the technical terms – Learning accounting is like trying to live in a foreign country. The first thing is to understand the alphabets, the language and how terms are defined in the foreign world. Take some time to understand the new technical terms in accounting. Often, the same terms used in accounting are different from ordinary usage. Be sure to clarify them quickly with your lecturer or tutor.
2. Master the nature of the accounts – Accounts can be classified as either debit nature or credit nature. Beginner students often think debit increases and credit decreases. This is only true if the account is debit nature. A credit nature account increases by crediting, and decreases by debiting. All accounts have a nature, be sure to memorize the nature of the major categories of accounts before proceeding to learn double entry. Not knowing the nature of the accounts is like not knowing the ABCs.
3. Master Double Entry  Seek a good instructor and good books to master double entry. Students who fail to master double entry will find tremendous difficulty in grasping future concepts as double entry is a pre-requisite to understanding future chapters such as correction of errors, depreciation and Provision for doubtful debts.
4. Practice diligently  Accounting is a hands on subjects like maths, there must be sufficient practice time devoted to test and develop an understanding of the accounting concepts.
Follow these 4 tips and you will be on track to mastering the subject!